Volunteering Through the Lens

Receiving the email from the Huntsman Cancer Institute about the volunteer job opportunity was a moment that filled me with an electrifying mix of excitement and nerves. I had always admired the remarkable work they did in the field of cancer research, and the chance to contribute, even in a small way, was a dream come true. Little did I know that this experience would take me on an unexpected journey into the world of sports photography.

As I read through the email detailing the task at hand – capturing dynamic and captivating sports photos of fast-moving bicycles – I couldn’t help but feel a surge of anticipation. The thought of combining my passion for volunteering with the opportunity to learn a new skill was invigorating. Despite not having delved into sports photography since leaving college, I was determined to give it my all.

My first step was to immerse myself in research. I devoured articles and tutorials on sports photography, trying to grasp the nuances of freezing motion and capturing the essence of movement. The challenge lay in finding the perfect balance – a shutter speed that was fast enough to capture the action yet not so fast that it sacrificed the exposure of the image.

Armed with my camera and a heart full of enthusiasm, I positioned myself strategically along the course, ready to capture the athletes in action.

The bicycles sped by in a colorful blur, and my fingers danced over the camera settings with a newfound confidence. The lessons I had learned during my crash course in sports photography came rushing back, guiding my decisions in real-time. It was a learning curve that demanded quick thinking and adaptability, but the thrill of capturing that split-second moment was exhilarating.

As the event progressed, I felt a sense of accomplishment swell within me. The initial apprehension had given way to a genuine understanding of the craft. The rapid clicks of my camera were like a rhythmic dance, synchronized with the cyclists’ movements.

My zoom lens, though adept at capturing athletes up close, lacked the depth of field control I typically crave for achieving that enchanting background blur. Undeterred, I welcomed this chance to venture into uncharted territory.

As I framed each shot, the constraints of my lens urged me to delve into unconventional angles. Here’s where the beauty of the racecourse locales, adorned by the regal Wasatch Mountains and the scenic splendor of Utah, played a crucial role. I ingeniously incorporated the natural elements around me – utilizing bushes as framing devices – to craft images that not only highlighted the athletes’ unwavering resolve but also paid homage to the awe-inspiring surroundings. In the end, what seemed like a limitation turned into a catalyst for innovation. The day reminded me that true creativity knows no bounds, and sometimes, it’s the unexpected challenges that lead to the most remarkable results.

I found myself riding a wave of pure exhilaration at the Huntsman Sportsfest. Excitement was running through my veins faster than those bicyclists whizzing by! What had started as a photography gig had transformed into a full-blown adventure.

Turns out, my camera became a magnet for athlete smiles and waves at the Huntsman Cancer Institute event. Seeing those determined cyclists lighten up as they zoomed past, it was clear: my lens wasn’t just capturing the race, it was capturing the spirit of the day.

I strolled over to the watering station, where volunteers were dishing out snacks and refreshments. The scene was a snapshot of determination – bicyclists fueled by sheer will, so close to the finish line you could practically taste it. It almost made me consider a marathon myself, but let’s be real – my passion lies in capturing those epic moments, not living them firsthand.

Kudos to the athletes, though – they’re the real MVPs on that track!

Amidst the bustling event, volunteers were like busy bees, making everything buzz with their dedication and hard work. Their energy was as inspiring as the athletes themselves.

Gathered everyone for a group photo – a moment to capture and cherish all the hard work and dedication. A heartfelt thanks to these incredible individuals who made it all happen!